Kirishima Yuusui

Be Ready When Disaster Strikes, With Safe and Secure Preserved Water

Natural Mineral Water for Storage in Case of Emergency or Disaster (2 liters/500 milliliters)

  1. Potable for 5 years
  2. Water source managed by the city of Shibushi
  3. Spring water from Southern Kyushu’s Shirasu-Daichi plateaus
  4. Sanitation control via high-heat sterilization
  5. Rich in minerals
  6. 20 years of experience
  7. Sold to major supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

Major components

sodium 13.0mg/ℓ
magnesium 3.1mg/ℓ
calcium 11.0m/ℓ
potassium 5.6mg/ℓ
silica 80.0mg/ℓ
hardness 40mg/ℓ
pH 6.8
Please be aware that Shibushi Water is natural spring water, and because of this, there may be slight fluctuations in the numerical values for its nutritional components (hardness/pH-value) depending on the inspection date, environment, and other such conditions.