Natural Spring Water from the Kirishima mountain range

Natural Spring Water from the Kirishima mountain range

Our water begins in the sprawling Shirasu-Daichi plateaus, an iconic feature of the Southern Kyushu region. We take clean and delicious spring water that has been naturally filtered through these plateaus over many years, heat-sterilize it, and then fill it into bottles using high-performance mechanical equipment to produce extremely safe, natural mineral water.

About Shibushi Water

Rigorous Quality Control

Our expert staff has established over 1,000 standards to maintain a high level of quality control with the hope of safely and securely delivering the water that we require for our lifestyles as well as supporting prosperous lifestyles.

About our quality and sanitation control

Our Specialized Water Factory

We will introduce you to the process that takes place in our specialized mineral water production factory, which starts with spring water from a water source in Shibushi City that has been rigorously managed and cleared high standards and ends with the delivery of “safe and secure water” for our customers.

How our mineral water is made

For Society and Our Customers

Through the production of high-quality mineral water, we support lifestyles for our customers that are safe, secure, and offer greater prosperity in peaceful and conscious existence with our natural environment, and strive towards being a company that continues to contribute to society and our customers.

About Us

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